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Fleeting is solving a multi-part problem. Trucking company fleets are underutilized due to drivers calling out of work, leading to revenue losses. Companies often pay between $6K and $15K to recruit new truckers. Combined with the fact that driver churn is 89% for large for-hire truckload carriers and 73% for small for-hire truckload fleets, driver acquisition costs become prohibitive for trucking companies. In addition, trucking regulations limit driver hours-of-service, which, in turn, limits trucker productivity. More trucks and drivers are needed to carry the same amount of freight.


ive is a global membership community of 3,200 purpose-driven entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and investors in 130 countries who are working together on creating a better world and solving humanity’s greatest challenges.


We're tutoring industry veterans on a mission to reinvent how students realize their academic potential by creating the world’s smartest digital tutor. Students build their skills, their scores and their confidence, all through 10-minute micro lessons that make learning bite-size and fun.


How can employees truly improve if they only get feedback once a year from their manager? We don't think they can, so we built a transparent performance review platform for employees to receive feedback from peers, leaders, team members, and clients in real-time. We use a decentralized model, so when employees leave their position, they can take their data with them.


LaneAxis is a SaaS company leveraging patented technology to eliminate phone calls, faxes, emails and other inefficient processes plaguing MILLIONS of freight movements every day. LaneAxis FreightVison™ fixes this by providing real-time tracking, electronic documentation, load level driver messaging, and driver & location based data for $.99 cents a load. LaneAxis FreightLink™ is another first-of-its kind product that connects shippers directly to drivers and data via a vast independent trucker network.


The only simple all-in-one business platform for small teams of 1 to 10. Artichoke makes it easy to simplify and organize your appointment-based business.