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At Delee, we aim to radically change the way cancer is detected, monitored and treated. Through the development of the CytoCatch™, which is a highly sensitive automated benchtop device, we have made possible to rapidly isolate and efficiently analyze circulating tumor cells from blood samples.

Amnion Life

Nearly 15M infants worldwide are born premature. Due to underdeveloped organs, the dramatic shift from amniotic fluid to air puts them at risk for hypothermia, dehydration, and infections which can lead to sepsis, organ injuries, and even death. To substantially improve preterm infants' chances of survival and reduce the time needed in intensive care, we designed AmnioBed, a patented, cost-efficient, fluid-filled solution that mimics a mother's amniotic fluid.

MicroGen Vet

MicroGen DX is the market leader in providing this cutting edge technology to the human diagnostics market - with over 9 years in operation and 300K tests run on human patients. Now, it's time for veterinarians to benefit from this technology. We bring accurate, quick, and affordable NGS testing services directly from MicroGen DX's laboratories, meaning we're able to immediately fold into the already high volume of human tests, keeping costs low.

Powell Development Group / Galactic Cap

The condom is one of the most-used devices to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of many STDs, according to SexEd Library. Very little has changed in its overall design for centuries. We believe the Galactic Cap will change people's understanding of the traditional condom and society's use of condoms forever.


100 million people in the U.S. regularly snore, and until recently, all solutions ignored the role of the tongue. ZYPPAH is a hybrid mouthpiece that combines traditional mouthpiece technology, which brings the jaw forward, and also uses a patented strap to support the tongue and ensure it doesn't block our users' airways. This eliminates snoring for the majority of our customers, leading to $13 million in revenue in 2017.


Pioneering blockchain-enabled healthcare and electronic medical records. Our goal is to put control back into the hands of the patient -- both literally and figuratively. We believe the use of MedChain's cutting-edge blockchain protocol technology, military-level encryption and distributed storage coupled with an open-source framework will create a level of security poised to become the new standard in HIPAA compliant medical record-keeping.