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Viroment solves the challenges of waste sludge disposal. Our patented process removes solids resulting in two valuable by-products; a high value bio-cake and filtered reusable water!


ASTRALABS is a coalition of hundreds of top startup founders, expert mentors, and investors around the globe focused on rebuilding the world post-COVID-19. We are setting a new standard in the ecosystem by making funding, growth, and innovation accessible for every entrepreneur in the new remote economy. We build, launch, acquire, and scale startups to exit - and through that, we aim to become a public Berkshire Hathaway for startups.


Fleeting is solving a multi-part problem. Trucking company fleets are underutilized due to drivers calling out of work, leading to revenue losses. Companies often pay between $6K and $15K to recruit new truckers. Combined with the fact that driver churn is 89% for large for-hire truckload carriers and 73% for small for-hire truckload fleets, driver acquisition costs become prohibitive for trucking companies. In addition, trucking regulations limit driver hours-of-service, which, in turn, limits trucker productivity. More trucks and drivers are needed to carry the same amount of freight.


ive is a global membership community of 3,200 purpose-driven entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and investors in 130 countries who are working together on creating a better world and solving humanity’s greatest challenges.


At Delee, we aim to radically change the way cancer is detected, monitored and treated. Through the development of the CytoCatch™, which is a highly sensitive automated benchtop device, we have made possible to rapidly isolate and efficiently analyze circulating tumor cells from blood samples.


We're tutoring industry veterans on a mission to reinvent how students realize their academic potential by creating the world’s smartest digital tutor. Students build their skills, their scores and their confidence, all through 10-minute micro lessons that make learning bite-size and fun.


How can employees truly improve if they only get feedback once a year from their manager? We don't think they can, so we built a transparent performance review platform for employees to receive feedback from peers, leaders, team members, and clients in real-time. We use a decentralized model, so when employees leave their position, they can take their data with them.

Amnion Life

Nearly 15M infants worldwide are born premature. Due to underdeveloped organs, the dramatic shift from amniotic fluid to air puts them at risk for hypothermia, dehydration, and infections which can lead to sepsis, organ injuries, and even death. To substantially improve preterm infants' chances of survival and reduce the time needed in intensive care, we designed AmnioBed, a patented, cost-efficient, fluid-filled solution that mimics a mother's amniotic fluid.