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ASTRALABS is a coalition of hundreds of top startup founders, expert mentors, and investors around the globe focused on rebuilding the world post-COVID-19. We are setting a new standard in the ecosystem by making funding, growth, and innovation accessible for every entrepreneur in the new remote economy. We build, launch, acquire, and scale startups to exit - and through that, we aim to become a public Berkshire Hathaway for startups.


Newchip accelerators provide founders with all of the tools and skills necessary to build, scale, and fund their startups. Our mission is to make the knowledge, the network, and the communities that develop around strong accelerator programs available to everyone regardless of stage and location in the world.


StartEngine is fueled by a simple belief: funds for a new business should come from the exact people who will eventually reap its benefits—the public. We believe that great societal change can come from democratized access. Equal access to housing can make our communities safer. Equal access to education can help to develop some of tomorrow's greatest innovators. And now, equal access to capital can help businesses grow in the U.S.